28.02.24 • The demands on handling capacities in the logistics sector are increasing all the time. To meet these challenges, we offer various scalable solutions for the sorter and its feed, also known as infeed.

Sorting smoothly

The issues of energy and maintenance are playing an increasingly important role – especially in times of rising energy costs and a shortage of skilled workers – and so they are moving more and more into the spotlight. For this purpose, we manufacture innovative and easily scalable solutions. The SLC linear motor is used for the contactless movement of the drive train in the sorting system. It ensures wear-free and silent operation of the main drive and so replaces the classic friction wheel drive. In this proven drive concept, the EL3Z linear encoder on the SLC main sorter drive provides precise position feedback of ±0.5 mm.

Further functions, such as monitoring of the magnetic field to provide information on the overall system, can also be implemented. Thanks to the MOVILINK® DDI single-cable technology, the coordinated system components now only need one digital interface. The automatic identification and startup of the drive using the digital nameplate significantly reduces startup time.

The latest generation of our MOVIMOT® performance ELV extra-low voltage drives drive the individual cross belts. Their high acceleration torques fully meet the dynamic requirements of sorting systems. The MOVITRANS® contactless energy transfer system can be used as an option to supply the cross belts with power. This wear-free and maintenance-friendly system reduces maintenance costs. Slotted waveguide technology is used for data transmission, which complements the range of solutions for the moving sorter train.

Efficient motors help to reduce operating costs while energy prices are constantly rising. The synchronous motors in the DR2C.. series, our latest motor generation, are available for the infeed. The IE5 classification indicates an efficiency of up to 91%. Energy-saving drive solutions can be created in combination with efficient gear units and intelligent frequency inverters.

In the case of our technical solutions for sorting systems, the communication, energy transfer, and drive technology function groups are the main focus. In addition to the technical hardware requirements, special attention is paid to the software, which reduces the startup times and simplifies the monitoring of the system. The technical basis is the MOVI-C® modular automation system with the MOVISUITE® engineering software.