28.02.24 • We manufacture mobile logistics assistants for transporting pallets. These autonomous transport systems are designed using the MAXOLUTION® modular technology system for mobile transport and assistance systems.

Heavy loads to transport? Let us make light work of that!

SEW‑EURODRIVE is showcasing its logistics assistants that have been designed to move large load carriers from A to B within company premises. To pick up loads, such as pallets or cage pallets weighing up to 1500 kg, they simply drive under them and lift them up. The lifting distance is 150 mm and customer-specific load handling devices can also be used. The mobile assistants have a reliable load detection feature to help ensure flawless operation.

The SEW‑EURODRIVE drive module with differential drive enables bidirectional operation. The logistics assistants achieve a maximum speed of 1.5 m/s. Free laser contour navigation, complete with fine positioning and a parking function relative to an object, helps the vehicles find their way in production and logistics areas.

The power supply for the logistics assistants takes the form of a lithium-ion battery that is charged inductively in a maintenance-free process that utilizes the MOVITRANS® power supply system. There is also the option of using a storage capacitor. Thanks to intelligent, contactless charging during operation, the mobile logistics assistants can also be used for processes with high capacity utilization needs.

Communication takes place via Wi-Fi and 5G. The interoperable VDA 5050 communication interface means different vehicle types can be connected to the fleet management system via MQTT. Our MAXOLUTION® connected fleet manager serves as the control system for the autonomous transport system, accepting and prioritizing the transport orders from the higher-level order management system and determining the most suitable vehicle as part of the vehicle planning process.

Our logistics assistants are also available in special designs for use in ISO Class 6 cleanroom applications. For example, they are used to transport heavy loads inside a cleanroom environment, such as for controlled processes that involve moving materials in and out of air locks.