07.03.24 • ATO5, the program for shorter delivery times, means that we can now deliver industrial gear units from our X.e and P series even faster. In particularly urgent cases – when the system is down – replacement drives can be dispatched as quickly as within one working day. This was what happened at SCHWENK Zement, where a vital conveyor belt broke down due to a damaged gear unit.

Fast – faster – ATO5

SCHWENK Zement operates a total of four cement plants in Germany – one of them in Allmendingen, Baden-Württemberg. With a history dating back to 1889, the plant produces high-quality Portland cement in continuous operation. The plant receives supplies of chalk, clay, and silicate from the neighboring quarry via a conveyor belt. When the belt came to a standstill one morning, the reason soon became apparent – parts of the gearing had broken in one of the (third-party) gear units. There was no time to waste, as the plant relies on the raw materials supplied via the conveyor belt.

That very same day, SEW‑EURODRIVE was commissioned with finding a suitable solution for the broken drive. For various reasons, including the axial fan required and the connection to an existing hydraulic coupling, a standard gearmotor was not an option. Just two hours after making contact, SCHWENK Zement received a quotation from us, including a dimension sheet. The replacement gear unit was delivered to the customer the following day, and was started up by the plant maintenance team the same evening, reestablishing the supply of raw materials to the Allmendingen plant. In the future, too, SCHWENK Zement will be able to rely on our fast response times.


With our ATO5 program, we offer customers extremely short delivery times. "Assemble to order" gear units, which require no design adaptations, leave the plant for large gear units in Bruchsal just five working days after receipt of the order. In particularly urgent cases – for example, when the system is down – the gear units can be dispatched as quickly as within one working day. Standard Generation X.e helical and bevel-helical gear units up to 175 kNm and standard P series planetary gear units up to 360 kNm are available as ATO5 products – with almost all options.