17.07.15 • The new P-X series of industrial gear units combines the advantages of our P planetary gear units with those of our helical-bevel gear units in the X range. With specially designed housings that integrate the intermediate flange, the result is a series of compact, weight-optimized drive units. These are available in 7 sizes and with a torque range of 100 to 500 kNm.

From bucket-wheel excavators and apron feeders to shredders, sugar mills and wood panel systems, our P-X industrial gear units provide the ideal drive solution for a wide range of high-power, high-performance applications. With 7 sizes to choose from, torques of between 100 and 500 kNm, and a gear ratio range of i = 160 to 560, they also offer a great deal of flexibility.

One key feature comes in the form of the high thermal ratings that these industrial gear units are equipped for as a result of their shared oil chambers and thermally optimized housings – this helps keep down cooling system costs. However, the drive units also function reliably at temperatures of below -25°C if used in conjunction with the relevant heaters and heating mats.

Another important plus-point is that the housings are designed as symmetrical, invertible enclosures and have an inspection cover on both sides. What’s more, the motor adapters can be used to connect motors of up to IEC 355 with 500 kW.

The benefits of the new P-X range of industrial gear units at a glance:
  • Save on cooling system costs thanks to the high, gear unit-specific thermal ratings
  • Reduce costs spent on storing replacement units thanks to the symmetrical, invertible enclosures
  • Save even more on energy costs if using DRN.. energy-efficient motors from SEW-EURODRIVE
  • Meet tighter deadlines as a result of short delivery times for standard products from SEW-EURODRIVE
  • The solution you receive is fully tried and tested, as the P-X series combines the best of two well-established industrial gear unit worlds and thus represents many years of experience with numerous drive units in the field

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