24.02.15 • By granting the Intec awards every two years, the Leipzig trade fair recognizes “outstanding developments by exhibitors in machine tools and their periphery or innovative solutions for manufacturing and automation technology.”

SEW‑EURODRIVE is among the award winners this year:

The new “Drive Power Solution” energy storage system achieved second place in the “Companies with more than 100 employees” category.

More information about the Intec 2015 awards is available at http://www.messe-intec.de/intec-preis/.

The Drive Power Solution energy storage system is specially designed for mobile and stationary drive applications:

Function: Drive Power Solution stores the braking energy during cyclical load cycles and releases it again to an application in motoring operation. The energy storage system also compensates load peaks from the application and therefore significantly reduces the power demand from the supply system.

Advantage: Due to the lower power consumption from the supply system, Drive Power Solution significantly reduces the infrastructure costs for systems and machinery. The regenerative energy remains in the system for dynamic drive applications and therefore results in significantly improved energy efficiency.