04.05.16 • SEW-EURODRIVE named one of Germany's most customer-oriented companies.

The winners of the "TOP SERVICE DEUTSCHLAND 2016" competition were honored in Cologne on April 29, 2016. The service quality and customer orientation of a total of 112 companies of various sizes and from a variety of industries were rated based on the guiding principle that "If you don't measure yourself against others, you don't know how you're doing."

Once again this year, numerous companies entered the competition to have a comprehensive review of their customer orientation. Taking part for the very first time, SEW-EURODRIVE made it straight into the Top 10. The company also received the special award, making it the most customer-oriented company in the "Production/sales" sector.

Handelsblatt, the consultancy ServiceRating and the Institute for Market-Oriented Management at the University of Mannheim organize this industry-wide competition throughout Germany focused on service quality and customer orientation. The competition gives companies of various sizes and from a variety of industries the opportunity to have their customer orientation evaluated based on the scientifically validated FOCUS model. This measures the aspects of service and customer orientation using four criteria – the conditions in the company, the management in the company, the interaction between company and customer, and the impact on customers. What makes this special is that "evaluation is carried out on both sides," says Kai Riedel, Managing Director of ServiceRating GmbH. "We analyze what companies do, and the results from the customer's perspective."

In this year's competition, SEW-EURODRIVE's customers and an independent panel of experts reached the following decision: SEW-EURODRIVE is one of Germany's most customer-oriented companies.

"Thanks to the clear service strategy, the companies succeed in focusing the entire organization on service. The companies feel, think and act in a service-oriented way, and this deserves our recognition," says Riedel.

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