23.05.18 • SEW-EURODRIVE has performed extremely well in the nationwide competition "Germany's Customer Champions 2018" and secured a top result. The award is presented on the back of a comprehensive customer satisfaction survey based around the fan principle. The above-average fan score of 30% achieved by SEW-EURODRIVE is testament to our outstanding customer relationship management and strong emotional customer loyalty.

All company processes are centered around the customer

A comprehensive customer satisfaction survey carried out as part of the Germany's Customer Champions 2018 competition has once again highlighted something our customers know only too well from their day-to-day dealings with us: Everything at SEW-EURODRIVE – from the initial orientation and project planning to startup, maintenance and modernization – revolves around them. In fact, many of our customers often cite this high level of customer focus as the main reason they have chosen to work with SEW-EURODRIVE when it comes to drive and automation technology.

All that is hardly surprising, particularly since the phrase "It is people who make the difference" has been central to our philosophy from the start. Indeed, that is an attitude that should not go unrewarded. On May 8, 2018, the judging panel for the competition awarded our company the coveted "Germany's Customer Champions 2018" certificate, which carries the following statement: "This award commends outstanding customer relationship management and a high level of emotional customer loyalty. All company processes are centered around the customer. This company understands how to turn customers into fans!"

It all comes down to the fan score

A total of 178 small, mid-sized and large German B2C and B2B companies from a wide variety of sectors entered the 2018 round of the "Germany's Customer Champions" competition. Only companies with an above-average fan score (above 15% in the B2B sector and above 20% for the B2C sector) receive the "Germany's Customer Champions" certificate. With a fan score of 30%, SEW-EURODRIVE was way above the average score for the B2B sector and joined the ranks of the elite thanks to its top results.

In an age when companies increasingly need to make an impression on their customers and stand out from the competition through the quality of their customer focus and loyalty, the fan principle offers an ideal basis for evaluating customer satisfaction. The method was specially developed for this purpose by 2HMforum. GmbH.

Companies can use it to identify their strengths and weaknesses and establish which aspects they still need to expand if they want to turn their prospective and existing customers into genuine fans. After all, the more fans a company has, the more successful it is and the better it can assert itself. Customers that have become "fans" are especially valuable to a company. Besides offering the prospect of a long-term customer relationship, these business partners are particularly likely to recommend their valued suppliers to others.

As the customer satisfaction survey showed, the "fans" of SEW-EURODRIVE also identify with the values of our company and make a special effort to maintain a trusting customer relationship with us. What's more, they are particularly likely to name SEW-EURODRIVE as their sole supplier of drive technology and are thus more prepared to explore cross-buying opportunities. In other words, it is a win-win situation that benefits both business partners exceptionally well.

The annual competition was launched in 2007 by:

  • F.A.Z.-Institut, which is part of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung publishing group
  • Deutsche Gesellschaft für Qualität e.V. (the German Association for Quality, DGQ)
  • Market research and consulting company forum!

Further information about the competition and the "fan principle" evaluation method together with an overview of this year's award winners is available here:

Go to the "Germany's Customer Champions" website (German only)