27.04.18 • 26 April 2018 was Girls’ Day, an event that sees companies and institutions all over Germany open their doors to girls in Grade 5 and above. The aim is to give them a chance to explore careers in the fields of technology and science. SEW-EURODRIVE was proud to take part again in this year’s national event.

Choosing the right job is often a long and difficult process. The interests that young people have are as diverse as the career paths that are available. The Girls’ Day careers education project gives young women an opportunity to explore jobs, training and study programs in technology, skilled trades, IT and science.

After all, employers are finding it particularly difficult to recruit new talent for technical jobs. Holding a careers day for girls helps to draw this key target audience’s attention to the many attractive career options available. Since the event was first launched in 2001, some 1.7 million young women from all over Germany have taken part in Girls’ Day, with 100,000 participating in 2016 alone. This year, a group of about 80 girls made use of the opportunity to visit us in Bruchsal. Special stations were set up for the participants to help spark their interest in technology, focusing on CAD drawing (“From ideas to 3D models”), torque (“Familiar from everyday life”), soldering projects (“Good connection, secure function”) and IT (“Anything but boring”).

SEW-EURODRIVE offers training and cooperative study programs in a wide range of IT and technical jobs – and these are certainly not just for boys. We also deliver many careers education events for school students and their parents. You can find out more about training with one of the region’s largest employers here