27.07.18 • SEW-EURODRIVE has completely updated all EPLAN product data sets for the MOVI-C® modular automation system and added new performance classes to assist with the planning and design of automation solutions as efficiently and with as much automation as possible.

MOVI-C® is the end-to-end solution for automation tasks. Whether you're implementing standardized single-axis / multi-axis applications or customized and/or particularly complex motion control or automation applications – anything is possible with MOVI-C®.

This makes MOVI-C® the all-in-one modular automation system. From the software for planning, startup and operation through to the electronic open- and closed-loop control components, mechanical drive and gearmotor, SEW-EURODRIVE delivers every automation component you need from a single source. And each can naturally be fully integrated into all automation concepts.

Here are the highlights of the new and updated data sets:

• 2D engineering data for assembling mounting plates

• 3D engineering data for EPLAN Pro Panel

• Bore patterns for automated machining

• Wiring diagrams for process wiring with EPLAN Pro Panel

• Lists of accessories for option cards and suitable accessories

• Wide range of single-pole / all-pole circuit diagram macros

New data sets with options and accessories have also been added to complete the product portfolio:

• Braking resistors

• Thermal circuit breakers

• Chokes and filters

• Option cards

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