30.07.18 • "Congratulations – your company has been nominated as a 'MINT Minded Company 2018'." This wonderfully pleasing sentence is part of the "MINT Welcome" letter that SEW EURODRIVE received from audimax Medien. The acronym "MINT" stands for the fields of mathematics, information technology, science and technology (equivalent to STEM in English), which have been experiencing a dramatic downturn in new recruits for many years.

In wide-ranging surveys conducted in print, online and face-to-face, students and graduates in relevant subjects were asked which employers they felt were exemplary in their commitment to the issue and put particular effort into encouraging and supporting new STEM staff.

The nominated employers come purely from the suggestions of the 17 000 STEM talents from across the country – all of them students or graduates from universities throughout Germany. It is therefore all the more satisfying that so many suggested SEW EURODRIVE.

By signing the associated ten-point declaration, we at SEW EURODRIVE are sending a clear message to the market that we hope will bring technical and scientific service providers the attention they deserve in our society. This is urgently required, as the "STEM gap" is widening at an alarming rate every year. According to the most recent figures, there is a shortfall of 300 000 STEM specialists in Germany alone. This situation has a negative effect on the innovative strength of every country affected.

Under the patronage of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, "MINT Zukunft schaffen" ("Create a STEM future"), a Berlin-based German employer association, was founded in 2008 to counteract this. And for the last four years, audimax MEDIEN's "MINT Minded Company" initiative has been working with the STEM association to recognize the efforts of companies that provide encouragement and support to their young technical and scientific workforce from the very start.