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In SEW-EURODRIVE Spain we celebrate our 25th anniversary


And we shall keep growing in the next 5 years with relevant investments in equipment and facilities.

Last 14th of September we celebrated our 25 years with a commemorative act in our headquarters in the Basque Country, located in Zamudio’s Technological Park.

To this act we had the pleasure of welcoming the Deputy Minister of Industry, Mr. Javier Zarraonandia, the Managing Director of the Basque Country Network of Technological Parks, Ms. Itziar Epalza, and the mayor of Zamudio, Mr. Igotz López, among other representatives of Zamudio’s Technological Park, together with the Honorary German Consul in Bilbao, Michael Voss.

In representation of SEW-EURODRIVE’s management board we received the visit of Mr. Oliver Bollian, who was responsible for opening the event. During his speech Mr. Bollian showed his pride towards the development of SEW-EURODRIVE Spain and his gratitude for our constant contribution to SEW-EURODRIVE’s moto “Think global, act global”. Our family-run business, which started as a simple workshop in the small city of Bruchsal, counts today with more than 17.000 employees, 16 production plants and 79 assembly plants located in more than 50 countries.

On the other hand, Mr. Zarraonandia highlighted the increasing importance in the Basque economy of the cutting-edge technologies and the Industry 4.0., for which SEW-EURODRIVE is developing new concepts thanks to our almost 600 I+D researchers.

To conclude the official act, our Managing Director, Mr. Juan Carlos Fernández Dacal showed his gratitude to Customers, Partners and Employees and communicated the refurbishing and expansion plans in our country, for which we will make important investments in the next five years.

The first package of 2,5 millions of euros will be allocated to the modernization of the current facilities in Zamudio, both in the offices area as well as in the assembly plant. In the offices area, the available space will be modernized and expanded, incorporating a new training room, “Drive Academy”, specially equipped for providing training to our Clients. In the workshop we will improve the existing production means in order to increase the current production by 200%. To this effect, we envisage the installation in the assembly area of a semi-automated painting system, as well as a new assembly, oil filling and final inspection station of all groups assembled in Zamudio. Furthermore, in the service and repair area an open painting cabin will be installed, which will allow us to improve the painting process of the repaired groups and widen the range of available colors and coatings. Last but not least, we shall also undertake the improvement of the logistics and packaging process with a new, more flexible and automatic packaging point, and the construction of two new loading platforms.

The second investment package, which is still to be quantified, will be allocated to the implementation of an assembly and service center in Madrid, which will improve our capabilities of technical support and training for Clients in this region and will be aimed at boosting the repair services and urgent assemblies of the Customers in this area.

After Mr. Fernández. Dacal’s speech, the assistants had the opportunity to have a guided tour of the workshop to get to know first-hand the assembly, repair and service process that is carried out every day in our company. The event ended with a cocktail reception accompanied by Jazz live music from the local band Cocktail Riders, during which we enjoyed the company of the assistants and participated in a cheerful photo call to immortalize this memorable occasion.

Click here to watch a short video of the event