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Generation X.e – the perfectly customized standard solution


Generation X.e marks the start of a new era and is redefining what a standard product is. The latest stage in the development of our tried-and-tested X series combines the advantages of universal industrial gear units with a customer-specific solution. To achieve this mix, we have introduced enhancements to the hardware and calculation processes that enable us to meet our customers' specific desires and needs with absolute precision.

Generation X.e – efficient. experienced. excellent.

The new generation of the X series – Generation X.e
The new generation of the X series – Generation X.e

The number of X series industrial gear units installed worldwide has been growing for years. However, requirements across all sectors have also grown – as have demands on the product. The experience we and our customers have built up over this time has made one thing clear – totally standardized products are only ever going to be of limited use, because different industrial applications have very specific requirements.

In the past, the alternative to buying a standard gear unit was to design a completely new solution from scratch. However, specially designed units like this require a much higher level of investment and take longer to deliver – and both these factors are becoming less and less economically viable for users.

So, why not make a virtue of necessity? How can you strike the perfect balance between a standard solution and a bespoke design? How should customizing work these days? Our developers set out to answer these questions and came up with an ingenious solution – the new Generation X.e. Enhancements to the hardware of the X series and an entirely new computation suite – including simulation – mean that a standard product can now be used to achieve very specific modifications and settings that account for differing customer requirements and environmental conditions. By utilizing an intelligent combination of separate measures and harnessing networked software tools for design, users can configure their own custom gear unit. After all, industrial drives can only achieve their full potential for the application in question if they are very specifically optimized for the relevant requirements. Customers expect the best possible price/performance ratio.

That is why we work with our customers to closely examine the specific requirements associated with their application. These include:

  • Drive utilization (in the case of continuous operation under the specified conditions)
  • Peak load (in the case of an irregular travel profile, frequent start-up or occasional blocking)
  • Temperature and environmental requirements (permissible surface temperature, degree of protection, permissible noise level, accessibility and serviceability)
  • Minimum service life required
  • Consideration of potential service intervals

The hardware optimizations based on the X series industrial gear unit include:

  • Improved bevel pinion housing
  • Optimized bearing preload
  • Thermally improved oil level
  • Non-contact sealing systems
  • Universal cover with modular fan system
  • Optimized gearing topology

The benefits of the new computation suite are clear:

  • Visualizing dependencies helps with the needs-based weighting of requirements
  • The networked computation suite minimizes the outlay involved in calculations and allows users to create quotations extremely quickly at the highest level. The software calculates the ideal combination of features based on the requirements profile so it can identify the optimum solution
  • The results are passed on directly to the plant processes to ensure there is a consistent chain of information from the requirement right through to the finished product in assembly
  • The customer receives a bespoke solution in the time it takes to deliver a standard product