09.07.19 • SEW-EURODRIVE sets three world records with its flagship project: the new cable car system to Germany’s highest mountain, Zugspitze.

This peak, located in the Northern Limestone Alps (Bavaria), is part of the border between Germany and Austria and has a height of 2,962 m above sea level. The aerial tramway, which goes all the way up this emblematic mountain and has a capacity of 120 passengers, was fully redesigned in December 2017 and has since transported up to 450 visitors per hour to the summit. The single pylon that supports the cable car, built entirely in steelwork, is the tallest of its category and provides breathtaking views, since there is an impressive 3 km span ahead, and in the steep final section for each meter the car travels forwards it ascents a meter.

This demanding system requires for its operation two helical gear units of SEW’s X Series, each with a nominal torque of 240 000 Nm and a maximum operating power of 1024 kW, which are connected to two AC Motors with an output of 900 kW each.

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