04.10.19 • Manufacturers of electric motors are required to submit motors for conformity tests on a regular basis – SEW­EURODRIVE is no exception to this. A few months ago, one of our AC motors was evaluated by the department for energy-related products at the regional council in Tübingen, Germany.

Tried, tested, and certified.

In order to attain the EU climate protection goals, to avoid any distortion of competition, and to safeguard consumer protection, energy-related products are regularly tested by the market surveillance authority in Baden-Württemberg; these tests evaluate whether the products meet the design requirements, and also adhere to the EU labeling requirements.

Among other stipulations, manufacturers of electric motors are required to submit motors for conformity tests– SEW­EURODRIVE is no exception to this. The main aspects are testing for properties relevant to the environment, as well as the energy efficiency of our electric motors. This year, the department for energy-related products, construction products in buildings, civil engineering and roadway construction (in German: "Referat für Energieverbrauchsrelevante Produkte, Bauprodukte im Hoch-, Tief- und Straßenbau") at the regional council in Tübingen contacted us to send in a 6-pole motor with a power of 2.2 kW for testing.

Our electric motorwas then tested by an external and independent test lab in accordance with the European Motor Regulation VO 640/2009 to ensure the motor's compliance with the Ecodesign requirements and so that the product was fit to be distributed on the European single market. According to Annex I of Regulation 640/2009 (EC), motors with a nominal output power of 2.2 kW in designs with 6 poles need to have a nominal minimum efficiency of η = 84.3% for IE3.

We received the positive test report recently: The efficiency level of our tested motor significantly exceeds the required value; it therefore meets the currently applicable minimum efficiency required by IE3.

We are proud to have once again received the certification that our motors adhere to the EU labeling requirements. Because we demand a great deal from ourselves. We only offer products and services to to the public that satisfy the highest quality standards. And, because that alone still is not good enough for us, our products are evaluated by an independent institute – every year.

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