30.07.20 • With the new CM3C.. servomotors series, we are supplementing our MOVI-C® modular automation system with servomotors offering increased inertia and high overload capacity – they have been developed specifically for extremely dynamic applications.

Compact, dynamic, and powerful

By increasing the diameter of the rotor, the CM3C.. has a significantly higher mass moment of inertia and so offers control benefits in applications that are themselves characterized by high moments of inertia or large moving masses.

This series of motors is available in the sizes 63S to 100L and with continuous standstill torques from 2.7 Nm to 40 Nm. Accordingly, the peak torques range from 8 to 120 Nm.

Another feature of the innovative CM3C.. motor design is the significant increase in the base speed. This allows maximum acceleration to be maintained over a much larger speed range.

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Why change now?

New CM3C.. servomotors series

Our new motor generation in the CM3C.. series is the consistent enhancement of the successful CM71-112 and CMPZ71-100 motor series.

By using the latest winding and magnet technology in combination with the selected high-performance materials, we were able to improve the efficiency dramatically:

  • Increase of the continuous standstill torque by up to +30%
  • Reduction of weight by up to -30%
  • Reduction of length by up to -30%

Have we stirred your interest? Then contact us, so that you too can benefit from the features and advantages of the new CM3C.. series.

Always the right brake system!

Different applications always pose different challenges to the respective brake system. For the CM3C.. synchronous servomotors, we have therefore designed a modular brake system that can be scaled precisely to the requirements of the application.

Thanks to their proven functional principle, the BZ.. and BZ..D spring-loaded brakes with increased working capacity are the first choice for classic lifting and travel applications that call for a high degree of durability combined with excellent emergency-stop load capacity.

In addition to the BZ.. and BZ..D brakes, the low-inertia holding brakes in the BK.. series are also available. Thanks to their compact design, the permanent magnet brakes in the BK.. series are the first choice for dynamic handling applications that call for high cycle times, a low rotational clearance, and low-inertia drive characteristics.

One contact person for everything!

We regard ourselves as a complete supplier for the entire drive train. This includes everything from the motor to the gear unit, to cables, the servo inverter, and the controller.

Looking to modernize your processes or you need a new system?

We offer you one of the most extensive ranges of drive technology products, solutions, and services on the market.

One contact person for everything – that sounds good, doesn't it?

Further Information

You can find more information, including "Data and documents", about the new synchronous servomotors in the CM3C.. series here.

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