15.03.21 • The restructuring of the office building and assembly plant at the headquarters will involve an investment of 4.8 million euros.

The headquarters, which was built in 1998 at its current location in the Bizkaia Technology Park in Zamudio, and had its assembly plant expanded by 1000 square meters in 2010, will now be completely transformed to become more functional, modern and sustainable and to provide an even better Service to Customers.

The comprehensive remodeling project, which is scheduled for completion in February 2022, will be carried out under the supervision of the Madrid-based company Arquitectura e Ingeniería ON, while the Biscayan construction company Contratas Medrano will be in charge of the execution.

The works, which in this phase will focus especially on the offices area, will result in a modern building with a roof with a completely different composition and finish, incorporating new skylights and a solar photovoltaic installation for self-consumption. The air and ventilation system will also be completely renovated, restoring the insulation and waterproofing to significantly increase the air-conditioning efficiency and comfort. In addition, the existing glass façade will be replaced by a completely new one, which will combine a ventilated façade with a curtain wall, resulting in energy efficiency and comfort thanks to the insulation from solar radiation.

During 2019 and 2020, several improvements were already carried out in the assembly workshop, such as a new island for encoder motors, a new automated painting system, a new packaging station and new equipment in the Service workshop (washing machine, paint booth, etc.). These works will be completed in 2021 with the renovation of the flooring of the entire warehouse and the construction of two new loading docks, which will streamline the logistics and facilitate the output of the increased production of recent years.

The renovated headquarters of SEW Spain will include a panoramic elevator, access and facilities for people with reduced mobility and a new modern DriveAcademy® with training demo units for employees’ and customers’ training, all equipped with state-of-the-art technology. In addition, the personnel of SEW Spain will have more parking spaces available, new changing rooms and a new, enlarged dining and rest area.

With the execution of this project, SEW-EURODRIVE España reaffirms its commitment to SUSTAINABILITY and to energy efficiency, seeking to reduce its atmospheric carbon footprint by incorporating an intelligent and centralized facility management system, installing photovoltaic panels, lighting control systems, an efficient air conditioning system, electric vehicle charging bays,… and significantly improving the building's thermal enclosure overall.

This ambitious renovation project in Spain - where SEW already boasts technical-commercial offices in Madrid and Barcelona – will have a second phase in 2022 with an investment of more than 10 million euros for the construction of a new assembly and Service plant in San Fernando de Henares, leading to the creation of new job posts.

The new plant in Madrid –located in a strategic location due to its excellent road connections and proximity to Barajas airport– is currently in the design phase and will allow SEW to improve its logistics chain and get even closer to Customers in central and southern Spain.

SEW-EURODRIVE, founded in Germany in 1931 and with presence in Spain since 1973, has in our country a workforce of 80 people and a turnover of more than 45 million euros. Despite the current situation of high uncertainty, with this expansion project SEW-EURODRIVE reaffirms its confidence in the “Think global, act local” business model materialized in a committed and professional performance, with worldwide presence and local proximity.