20.05.22 • Three-phase motors require new energy efficiency certificates annually for delivery in Mexico. The Mexican government's goal is to increase efficiency in the energy sector. The type tests of the motors must comply with test procedures and limit values. Successfully passed, the motors may be marked with NOM accordingly.

Mexico borders directly on the USA in the north, has the 15th highest gross domestic product in the world and the second highest in Latin America, putting it on a par with Brazil, China or Turkey in terms of population.

Accordingly, SEW-EURODRIVE is represented in Mexico with its own assembly plant. Our national headquarters are located in Querétaro, approximately 250 km northwest of Mexico City.

Our local presence has the great advantage for us that we have experts on site who are familiar with standardization work and can communicate in the local language. These employees are very familiar with the bureaucracy there and have taken care of all the necessary official procedures.

Now our asynchronous motors have also been approved for the Mexican market in accordance with the NOM-016-ENER-2016 standard applicable there. In this way, we relieve both our Customers in Mexico itself and our Customers exporting there of the cost-intensive certification effort. The advantage: Customers can use the corresponding engines immediately 1:1 on site without any further measures. Exports to Mexico are also permitted from all other SEW-EURODRIVE locations worldwide.

As usual from SEW-EURODRIVE, the motors are fully integrated into the DR.. modular motor system even with this standard and can be combined with all gear units of the 7 series. This also means that there is no change to the standard delivery times. The NOM can be combined with other approvals for North America, such as UR for the USA and CSA for Canada.

In line with the "Global Motors" approach, SEW-EURODRIVE has been ensuring for years that the asynchronous motors of our DR.. series comply with local legislation and regulations worldwide. Our experts spare no effort in going through the sometimes quite complex and cost-intensive certification procedures up to the factory audit.

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